2023 Annual VIA: Spencer Hill

In stressful biomedical engineering work, Hill is the calm center.

Every employee needs that one person to talk to. The teammate who will listen; who offers an ear without judgment and advice without criticism. When that person is also a supervisor, the assurance is all the richer.

Spencer Hill serves that role in ITS’s biomedical engineering team, and his interpersonal style is one of the many reasons he was granted the 2023 Annual Values in Action Award, Asante highest honor.

“His level of compassion as a Gen Xer far exceeds mine. We weren’t issued that when we were children,” jokes his boss, Leah Courier. “He has made it known to our younger technicians that it’s OK to wear your heart on your sleeve.”

Spencer Hill
When he’s not at work, Hill enjoys spending time with his daughter Megan and wife, Amanda.

Hill has worked for Asante for more than 10 years, and was regarded as a leader long before he was promoted to supervisor this past spring.

“He will find time in his day to sit down and discuss anything needing answers, even if someone just needs to talk about stress,” says Sean Cleveland in Clinical Engineering. “He approaches everyone with a calm and understanding personality. He doesn’t criticize our ideas or opinions, and appreciates our expert insight.”

hill-familyConsidering the nature of the job, that steadiness is a welcome trait. Biomedical engineers are like medical equipment emergency responders. If a vital machine goes on the blink, they’re the ones who are called to troubleshoot. Hill can relate to the job’s demands because he’s been there himself.

“You have to work around the needs of the department,” Courier said. “He’s pulled many all-nighters.”

His problem-solving and people skills were developed in an earlier career. He spent 15 years in the power sports and automotive service industry, which required him to diagnose and repair electronic equipment — and develop an ethic of service to others. He now uses those abilities in health care.

“When you bring him an issue, if he doesn’t have the answer he will find it or point you in the right direction,” said Amber Veach.

Just as important, Hill creates an emotional safety zone for his team.

“One of the things I appreciate the most about him is you can be completely honest and never feel an ounce of judgment,” Veach adds.

“He wants his team to succeed,” said Cleveland. “Spencer will come to us as if we are the experts, and asks questions for projects, instead of just assuming we can’t contribute. He values our input instead of questioning it.”

Excellence, honesty, respect, teamwork and service are so much a part of Hill’s style that Courier says, “He walks around with a banner of Asante’s Values over his head.”

For his part, Hill says everything he’s learned came from good leaders. “I simply treat people the way they want to be treated.”

In gratitude for his contributions to Asante’s Values, Hill was given a special Annual VIA badge backer, a $150 gift card and personalized crystal award.

Spencer Hill
Spencer Hill

Current role: Supervisor, ITS Biomedical Engineering

With Asante: 10 years

Total VIAs: 24

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  • Nadine Marchese
    December 5, 2023 7:08 am

    Congratulations Spencer!!! Yes he truly is a great guy an so deserving of this award. From the times I had the opportunity to meet and talk with him in Radiation Oncology Department over these past 5 years starting at the hospital where Asante Imaging is now to the Heimann Cancer Center, he has been instrumental in trouble shooting if something happens to our system.

  • When Mr. Kennington came on board at ITS, he had us do this “rounding” where ITS went and met with other departments to find our strengths and our weaknesses and such. I was on a team with Mr. Hill and I found him to be very polite, very responsive and super friendly. They’re all a great crowd in BIOMED.

  • Daniah Al Bicyclechi
    December 5, 2023 9:37 am

    Spencer is awesome! He truly deserves the recognition! we are lucky to have him

  • One of the best guys I know. You simply don’t find guys like Spencer very often. Asante is a better place because of him. Congrats and well deserved!


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