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New pay card program comes to Asante

Deposit all or some of your pay and use it like a debit card.

paycardThe Asante Payroll Department has introduced the new Rapid PayCard option for employees. This allows employees to direct deposit part or all of their paycheck to a prepaid debit/Visa card. This prepaid card does not require credit checks and can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.  (Employees who use the Money Network pay card can continue to receive direct deposits there, but Asante will no longer provide support for those cards.  Any questions or concerns with those cards should be directed to Money Network.)

Employees can benefit from the card, especially those who do not have a traditional checking account or use a prepaid card from a retailer but pay monthly fees and load fees. It’s also useful if you’re from a foreign country and working in the U.S. temporarily. Some use prepaid cards as an easy way to start saving money for vacations, emergencies, vehicles or any special item.

The card can be used for cash withdrawal at Allpoint and MoneyPass ATMs (fees may apply).

How it works:

  • Funds elected are deposited to the Rapid PayCard each pay period.
  • Employees can immediately use the card to access their pay at ATMs or to make purchases at stores or online, wherever VISA cards are accepted.
  • If you lose your card, your money is protected. Just call Rapid Customer Service to report it lost or stolen and request a new card or contact payroll to get a new card issued without waiting for mail.
  • You can take the card to any other employer (second or part-time job), regardless of who gave the card to you, and sign up for a direct deposit. In addition, you can direct deposit your income tax return, Social Security benefit, military pension or any other payment that can be direct-deposited.

To sign up, complete the Asante Account Authorization form and submit it to the Payroll Department via email ([email protected]), FAX (541-789-4720) or by interoffice mail. Once the payroll staff have set up the direct deposit, you’ll receive the Rapid PayCard. Activate the card by phone, online or with the Rapid Access phone app. You can even set up text message alerts for when payments are loaded to the card or when the balance gets low. For more information on the new paycard, visit the Accounting and Finance page on myAsanteNET.

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  • What is the benefit of using this card for the individual and what is the benefit that the hospital receives by us using the card?


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