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A new resource for our ED patients

Thanks to a new Epic build, temporary transfers can happen quickly and efficiently.


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A long-awaited process to transfer Emergency Department patients effectively and efficiently for a test or procedure went live this past November.

The Emergency Department patient leave of absence, or ED LOA, means that these transfer patients can receive short-term outpatient care at any Asante hospital while remaining registered as an ED patient at the original facility.

A year in the making, this important work will help keep our patients safe and provide the best care possible, no matter where they enter our doors.

With the support of an interdisciplinary group and Project Management, Asante developed an Epic build to satisfy an unmet need. We collaborated to build new workflows that would meet the demand in an effective and efficient manner. Asante is an ED LOA pioneer!

A policy and procedure explaining the process for transporting Asante Emergency Department patients to another Asante facility for diagnostic testing or interventions can be found here.

The policy outlines roles and responsibilities, scheduling, when to send medical personnel, and what to do if a patient deteriorates during this process, among other details.

The team that supported the development and implementation of this important work hopes it can be used to connect all services to our patients when and where they need them — every person, every time.

A variety of tip sheets can be accessed to guide the work of those involved if the need for an ED LOA is identified.

Download tip sheets 

You must be logged into the Asante network to access the documents.



 House supervisors and TAC


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