Looking for love? Start from within

MyStrength, a free Asante benefit, offers an exercise in self-compassion.

self-compassionOn Valentine’s Day, our thoughts typically turn to romantic love. In truth, however, loving yourself — self-compassion — is the foundation to loving others and living a fuller life.

Because some of us may need a little help being kinder and more loving to ourselves, myStrength offers a short online exercise to help develop self-compassion. It includes questions plus a guided meditation to help you learn to give yourself some grace.

 In the meantime, you can start to develop self-compassion with two simple practices:

  • Avoid negative thoughts. Watch out for “should” statements. For example, instead of saying “I should have done better,” try to say, “I did the best I could.”
  • Take care of yourself. Consider setting boundaries or adding a fun, new activity or exercise to your workout routine.

For more self-help resources, visit myStrength or download the myStrength app. If you are signing up for the first time and are prompted for an access code, enter 10017473.

If you have any questions, email Asante Benefits or call (541) 789-4551 or (800) 468-6913. You can also submit a case in the Ask HR section of myHR.

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