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Asante’s nurse call system to be integrated with Halo

This new integration will allow our patients and nursing staff to more easily communicate with one another.

An exciting change is coming to Asante’s  nurse call system. Beginning on Dec. 7, communication from NaviCare will be linked with Halo secure message, first at ATRMC, then rolling out to ARRMC and AACH later this year.

This new integration will allow our patients and nursing staff to more easily communicate with one another. When a patient presses the pain or potty button on their pillow speaker, it will send a Halo message to the patient’s assigned nursing staff.

This message will provide the nurse or CNA with the reason for the call and give them the ability to reject, accept or call back the patient. When a patient presses the normal nurse call light button, it will continue to go to the nursing station. If the unit clerk selects one of the follow-up requests (e.g., IV alarming) from nursing station phone, it will automatically send a Halo message to the assigned nursing staff.

For this improved communication technology to work, it requires that nursing staff are appropriately assigned in the Hill-Rom SmartClient application and that nurses are logged into Halo on their Zebra clinical mobile device. Nursing staff is expected to complete their assignments in the Hill-Rom NaviCare SmartClient application at each shift change, and be logged into Halo on your Zebra mobile device when you start patient care.


For this system to work properly, it’s vital that staff members use Zebra and not their personal cell phones in the clinical setting. Personal phones create several areas of risk:

  • If you do not log into Halo on Zebra, the messages from Hill-Rom will not be delivered, causing potential delays in patient care.
  • Staff using their personal phones will not be able to call back into the room.
  • You pose an increased risk of infection to yourself, your family and our patients when you use your personal device without the ability to appropriate disinfect your phone.
  • Patient complaints of staff using or “playing” on their personal device.
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