Lactating mothers at ARRMC can reserve pump rooms for breaks

Asante Rogue Regional reminds lactating employees that they can reserve one of the five lactation rooms on campus through Outlook. Get instructions, find room locations and schedule some “me” time.

Employees at Asante Rogue Regional can take advantage of the lactation room reservation process that allows lactating employees to schedule their break time in one of the five pump rooms available on the ARRMC campus.

Employees can reserve a pump room using the calendar function in Microsoft Outlook. The steps are outlined in the lactation room procedure (400-CORP-HR-0406A). By using Outlook’s “scheduling assistant/add rooms” feature, you can reserve ARRMC’s pump rooms A through E. Maps identifying the locations of each pump room are also included in the linked document.

“The purpose of this process is to help our employees easily find an available pump room during their scheduled break times,” said Alicia Lorenz, director of HR Administration and Employee and Labor Relations.

As a reminder, new moms are eligible for 30 minutes per rest period to express milk for their child up to 24 months of age. Employees who want to express milk can use this new procedure to schedule designated times in a private location during each four-hour work period, or the major part of a four-hour work period, to be taken in the middle of the work period. New mothers who want to express milk for their child must notify their manager and Employee Relations when they return to work after their maternity leave.

If employees are having trouble finding appropriate space or taking their rest periods to express milk, it is essential that they communicate with their leader, charge nurse or designee as soon as possible so an alternative solution can be determined. Employee Relations and Compliance are also available to help address concerns. The anonymous Compliance hotline is (866) 340-7788.

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