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APP Spotlight Award: Tori Bates

She understands that everyone is dealing with their own burdens.


Tori Bates, lead ultrasound sonographer at Maternal Fetal Medicine, is being recognized through the Spotlight of Excellence award, which celebrates employees who shine in providing access, quality, financial stewardship and behavioral standards.

Tori demonstrates compassion in every patient interaction. She understands that every patient has a story and everyone is dealing with their own burdens. Her dedication shows in her daily work and interactions with patients and co-workers.

She often provides access to patients and helps her team members through a variety of ways, such as flexing her hours and providing support. “Tori not only brings excellence to her immediate patient care,” says Dr. Daniel Kahn, “she shows a wide range of excellence in other things such as boosting morale and being considerate to how the practice runs.”

On behalf of the APP leadership team, thank you for all you do, Tori!


This award is granted to an APP employee who has improved access to care, quality of care, financial stewardship or Asante’s behavioral standards.

Recipients receive a hand-written card from the division director, a cafeteria gift card and the opportunity to share what they do to contribute to APP’s high standards of care.

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