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Your perfume may be another person’s migraine

Before you splash on that Chanel No. 5, take heed of Asante’s dress code policy.

FragrancePerfume and cologne may smell nice, but many scents can negatively affect people who suffer from allergies or scent sensitivity.

Fragrance sensitivity runs from mild — similar to seasonal allergies — to severe, setting off acute migraine headaches or asthma attacks. Fragrant scents also adversely affect people who are nauseated from illness, medication or anesthesia.

Asante’s dress code states that perfume, cologne and strong fragrances and odors (including tobacco smoke) are prohibited in all areas of the hospital and Asante entities. Strong odors and fragrances also include body sprays, fragranced lotions, candles, scented oils and plug-in air fresheners.

Please be respectful of our patients and your coworkers. Refrain from wearing or using scented products and help create an environment that is welcoming and free of irritants.

For questions about the dress code policy, contact your direct supervisor or your employee relations representative.

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  • Thank you for posting this reminder to ALL Asante employees. Now if only it will be enforced.


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