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Too many unwarranted Symplr messages? There’s a flag for that

A new feature allows users to flag texts that are inappropriate, unnecessary or sent to the wrong person.


Have you ever felt you have gotten a message that was inappropriate, unnecessary or not meant for you? Beginning on Nov. 15 you can alert leaders to help improve our clinical communications.

symplrsymplrSimply click on the flag (desktop) or press and hold the message (mobile) and you’ll receive a menu of options:

Inappropriate. The message does not follow organizational policies for appropriate communication.

Wrong recipient. The message was sent to the wrong user. (Note that this option does not forward the message to the correct user.)

Unnecessary. The message is unwarranted or redundant.

Symplr is a great tool to help advance our communication ability and increase patient care across facilities and teams. It is not, however, a texting app to share personal information between colleagues. Symplr messages are auditable up to 10 years in accordance with HIPAA compliance certifications. Just like paging or calling a provider, Symplr is a professional care-enhancing platform used by direct and indirect care teams within Asante.

If you find ways to improve Symplr communications, please reach out to your leader who can forward your suggestion to the Provider Support and Clinical Informatics training teams.

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