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STAT: DNV survey update

A survey extension was granted; however, our stroke program survey will still take place.


With fall upon us you may be wondering why we didn’t see DNV this past summer for our hospitals’ surveys. In June, Asante made a request for an accreditation extension due to our COVID-19 surge. The request was approved by DNV and all three hospitals received accreditation extensions.

This is a reaccreditation survey year for Asante, so it’s important that surveyors make a visit. For the duration of our extensions we committed to providing DNV with monthly status updates for each facility. This includes:

  • Hospital occupancy and capacity percentages
  • ICU utilization rates
  • Hospital diversion status
  • Hospital status of elective surgeries
  • Hospital actions taken to address staffing

One DNV survey that will take place — and it happens this week — is our Primary Stroke Center Certification Survey. There will be one surveyor at Asante Rogue Regional for two days, Nov. 11 and 12.

The surveyor will discuss and visit the following:

  • Progress on corrective action plans from the previous stroke survey
  • Stroke process measures including metrics, measurement and analysis
  • Emergency Department: tracer process and interviews with bedside staff (pre-hospital communication, patient management, diagnostic tests, medication management, stroke protocols and tele-stroke consultation time frames)
  • ICU, IMCU and 5T
  • Medical record review
  • Medical Staff: credentialing and privileging process, competency, licensure and evaluation
  • Human Resources: competency, licensure and evaluation
  • Stroke program management: community education programs, rehabilitation services, medication management and dietary

Please contact me with any questions about our upcoming surveys. In the meantime, please continue to complete DNV priority rounding in your departments weekly until our reaccreditation surveys occur and submit to As*************@as****.org.

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