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One of the best interventions for delirium is also the simplest

Early mobility helps reduce falls and delirium in our hospitalized patients.


Did you know that patients typically spend more than 95% of their hospital stay in bed? Many preventable complications occur when patients are immobile, including delirium. We often attribute hospital delirium to sleep deprivation and certain medications, but how often do we consider simpler interventions, such as early and frequent movement, to help prevent conditions like delirium?

Evidence has shown a strong correlation between increased mobility and decreased delirium and falls, especially for elderly patients. Additionally, daily walking during their hospital stay has been shown to increase the likelihood that patients will discharge to their own homes instead of a skilled nursing facility.

The Asante Mobility Team continues to improve Asante’s mobility program to prevent deconditioning and its associated complications. The team recognizes the significant strains that have been placed on our bedside caregivers over the past year, as we have endured a seemingly endless pandemic, and the capacity constraints that plague our health care system on an almost daily basis. The team also recognizes that mobility is one of our greatest assets to help ensure earlier, less complex discharges with fewer complications and readmissions.

A mobility refresher will be making its way to inpatient units throughout the system over the summer. Please take this opportunity to better understand the program, its required elements and how you can safely mobilize your patients to protect them from preventable conditions like falls and delirium and promote optimal discharge.

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