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Looking for Halo on the web-based apps folder?

As part of a recent rebranding, the app is now listed as Clinical Communications.


symplrHalo is no more. As part of the rollout of the clinical app’s new brand, Symplr Clinical Communication, the old Halo has been renamed Clinical Communications in Asante’s web-based apps folder.

Although it can be accessed through that folder drive, the Symplr desktop notifier is still the best way to open messages. The notifier is found at the bottom of most screens or in the system tray by the clock.

Earlier this year, users have seen the new Symplr name in their desktop notifier and other interfaces. Some independent clinics, such as Southern Oregon Cardiology, Oregon Surgical Specialists and Medford Radiology Group, use their own versions. If you can’t locate providers in those practices, click “Try Link Search.” Once you’ve messaged the provider, their name will appear in your regular search function.


Remember, Symplr Clinical Communications is a HIPAA-compliant system to help streamline patient care and services. It should be used solely as a tool to communicate professionally with other clinicians about patient care.

If you have any questions, email Provider Support or call (541) 789-4141.

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