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“You are the silver lining in these trying times. You need to know that.”

An anonymous Asante employee pens a letter of gratitude to our heroes.

HeroesTo our amazing patient care employees:

You need to know that you are noticed. You are awe-inspiring. You make others proud to know you and proud to associate with you. Your actions inspire prayer from complete strangers because they are so deeply felt and appreciated on such a larger scale than you might realize. You inspire courage in others to follow your example and embrace what matters: helping, supporting, carrying each other and our community through these extremely rough and challenging times.

You are my fellow co-workers, yet we likely have never met. When I think of what you do for our patients, our community and for each other in these crazy times, my heart swells up with so much gratitude it leaks out of my eyes. The resilience, strength, flexibility, compassion and sacrifice I have witnessed throughout this pandemic, and now this immediate threat to our very home town and surrounding areas, is enough to bring me to my knees in gratitude and prayer, even in the midst of chaos. You are the silver lining in these trying times. You need to know that. We all need you to know that!

I know you keep hearing these praises and thank yous and that these words here do not necessarily express any new profound truths or thoughts on the matter, but the thing is, you keep hearing these words and messages because they can never be said enough. There will never be enough words to express the gratitude that is felt inside all our hearts for everything you do and give. You keep hearing these words because you keep impacting the world on such a deep level that people, myself included, feel the need to take the time to publish their gratitude as best they can.

So with that, thank you. Thank you for taking on the world, your capes flapping in the wind, coffee in hand (understandable!), fear in your hearts, troubles on your minds. Thank you for pushing past your human to reveal your superhero to the rest of us. You will never know how truly appreciated you are, but hopefully this will get you one step closer.

Stay strong. Stay courageous. Stay hydrated. You are so very loved, by so many, and I truly hope you take a minute to internalize that and lean on that knowledge in the moments you feel you cannot push on. You are noticed. You are awe-inspiring. You are everything this world needs right now. Thank you!

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