Last chance: Send your vacation pics by Aug. 28!

A global pandemic won’t get in the way of enjoying summer. Asante’s vacation photo competition returns for the fourth year. Although nonessential travel is still discouraged, that doesn’t mean you can’t submit awesome photos from wherever you’re spending your free time.

The rules are the same as in past years. Submit a photo of yourself, a family member, your dog or whatever wearing or holding anything with an Asante logo and you may win an Asante swag bag worth $50. (Photos picturing unsafe practices, such as not wearing a mask in crowds or not practicing physical distancing won’t be published.)

You don’t have to be pictured in Asante wear to join the photo album, and any shot taken in 2020 will do. But only photos featuring an Asante shirt, hat, jacket or whatever are eligible for the prize. Creativity is encouraged, so tap your imagination.

Submit your photo by Friday, Aug. 28.

The Communications and Marketing team will judge entries based on creativity, content and photo quality. The winner of the gift bag will be announced in early September.

Here’s how to submit:

  1. Upload a jpg of your photo (as an attachment only; don’t embed) to as********@as****.org with the subject line: “My Vacation.”
  2. Include your name, job title and the entity and department in which you work.
  3. Identify people in the photo, from left to right.
  4. Describe when and where the photo was taken and, if applicable, what you were doing.

If you have questions, email as********@as****.org. Good luck and happy vacationing!

Photography Tips

Avoid silhouettes or dark photos. If we can’t see your face we can’t use your photo.
Hold your phone or camera steady — blurry pictures won’t win the prize.
Make sure the lens is clean.
Pay attention to what’s in the background. You don’t want a palm tree sticking out of your head!

Thank you for contacting us!

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