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When patients ask if you’re vaccinated

Until the governor’s vaccination mandate takes effect, here are some points to remember.

Some patients have begun asking if Asante staff members are vaccinated. This is an understandable concern, and today employees are under no obligation to divulge their vaccination status to their employer. This will change on Oct. 18, when the statewide vaccination mandate for health care professionals takes effect. At that point, all Asante employees will need to be vaccinated or have filed a medical or religious exemption.

Until then, here is a suggested response:

“Thank you for sharing your concerns. Asante is currently taking steps to abide by the governor’s new statewide order requiring vaccination for health care professionals. That rule takes effect on Oct. 18, at which time nearly all of Asante’s employees will be required to be vaccinated.

“In the meantime, our staff takes every measure to ensure the safety of our patients and employees. This includes daily screening for symptoms, wearing PPE, frequent handwashing and physical distancing.

“We appreciate that you are vaccinated. As a health care organization, we follow the science and will continue to advocate for vaccination among all members of our community. This will help us achieve the herd immunity required to slow the spread of COVID-19.”

For more tips on how to communicate with patients during these trying times, review Words That Work: Patients and Visitors.

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