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What to know about your personalized wellness plan visit

Employees and covered spouses can earn hundreds of dollars toward their health expenses. That starts with a 15-minute phone appointment.

Asante’s Healthy Living Incentive Program allows employees and spouses covered under the Asante Health Plan to earn money toward their health expenses. To benefit from this program you’ll need to schedule a 15-minute appointment with an Asante health coach through MyChart.

After scheduling your appointment you must complete two steps to earn your incentive dollars:

  1. Take the health assessment on MyChart (found under questionnaires).
  2. Meet with the health coach for your 15-minute phone assessment.

The video shares details on how to prepare. When you have completed both steps, your incentive funds will be deposited into your HealthEquity account. For details on this and other incentives, check out the Healthy Living Incentive FAQs.

Managed by Asante Health Promotion, the program can involve just that single visit or up to eight free sessions a year if you choose. Your coach can help you set goals for the year, make an action plan, learn skill-power over willpower and more. These additional sessions are not required to earn the financial incentive, but they can help you learn skills to improve your health and well-being.

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