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Wellness program aims to ease provider burnout

Peers offer counseling, coaching and resources.


BurnoutWe’ve all heard the term care for the caregiver; but what does it mean and what is APP doing to support our providers? APP is proud to be part of the Oregon Wellness Program, whose mission is to promote the well-being of Oregon’s health care professionals.

The program is run by health care professionals and is designed for physicians, physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses. All services — many complimentary — are confidential and can accommodate your busy schedule. If you’re in need of help, are seeking better balance in your personal and professional life, or need to speak with another provider who understands the complex issues you face, they’re here to offer a hand.

In-person or telehealth services are offered in Jackson County and include:

  • Mental health counseling for all licensed physicians, PAs and APRNs licensed and practicing in Oregon. Providers are eligible to receive eight counseling visits per year. These visits are conducted by vetted mental health professionals and are free and confidential.
  • Educational resources such as articles, studies, videos and podcasts that help address stress, depression, burnout and general wellness.
  • Coaching by vetted professionals who work with providers on managing life’s personal and professional difficulties that lead to burnout.

The Oregon Wellness Program also includes a confidential research program, designed to determine the demography and state of burnout for those who use the services, whether the program is effective in diminishing burnout, and changes to continuously improve the program.

Medical leaders across the state advise the Oregon Wellness Program. The Jackson County program is supervised by a coalition of representatives from Asante, Providence, the Jackson County Health Department, La Clinica, Rogue Community Health and Siskiyou Health Center. Although there are no current provider representatives in Josephine County, Jackson County providers are available to serve those in Josephine County.

The future of the Oregon Wellness Program is bright. Its goal is to broaden its geographic coverage, increase its number of participating health systems and provider groups, and develop partnerships across the state.

To schedule an appointment with the Oregon Wellness Program, call (541) 242-2805.

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