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How to give a warm welcome to new hires

It takes each of us to create an inclusive and supportive culture.



Do you recall what it was like when you started in a new job? Did it look anything like this?:

  • The country was in the middle of a pandemic.
  • You did most of your education program remotely.
  • Half of nurses who staffed your unit were travelers.
  • Your preceptor had six months more experience than you did.
  • Your team was short-staffed almost every shift.
  • Everyone wore masks, and there was little small talk.
  • Employees did not eat together or socialize with each other after work.
  • You felt unprepared to be a nurse and unable to discuss these feelings.

New job roles are full of stress and anxiety but starting a new job or becoming a new health care worker right now adds layers to the unknown. Preceptors are tasked to initiate a welcoming and supportive onboarding experience and remind us to come together to build a team rooted in psychological safety.

Each of us will function as a preceptor or leader sometime in our career. While it can be a challenge to be in the dual role of preceptor and staff, there are many opportunities for us all to serve as a teacher or role model, leader or influencer, facilitator, evaluator and protector.

Here are some ideas to welcome our new staff and create psychological safety:

  • Plan in some fun moments during your time together
  • Give each other kudos for learning and fix what didn’t work
  • Confront your fears
  • Take time for mindfulness and reflection
  • Pursue personal growth

Each and every one of us contributes to the culture and team that we work in. Thanks for being intentional with our new staff members and for serving as preceptors and role models.

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