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Welcome to Asante’s new graduate nurses!

The newest cohort of new graduate nurses experience unique challenges in 2020.


ARRMC ortho new grads

ARRMC ortho/neuro new grads show their enthusiasm!

It’s August, and August brings to us our new graduate nurses — 83, in fact.

The pandemic has created challenges and unique opportunities for these new grads as they transition into nursing.

Many did their entire last term of nursing school in a virtual sim-based setting and are transitioning into practice during a time of continuous change. They also experienced Asante’s first-ever virtual and WebEx onboarding process.

Some things you can do to help support their transition into practice and welcome them to Asante include:

  • Smile and introduce yourself
  • Offer to show them around
  • Share efficiency tips and tricks
  • Communicate clearly
  • Give grace
  • Share cool experiences
  • Talk up what you know
  • Check in regularly to see how things are going

Many of our grads this year are from out of the area, so be sure to share ideas about the things you love to do outside of work.

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