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We started strong, we’ll emerge even stronger

On this Health Care Week, we thank every staff member who has been part of the journey.


Alandra York

As we celebrate National Nurses Week and National Health Care Week, I personally wish to extend my deepest appreciation to the remarkable employees at Asante. Your strength, skill and commitment have saved thousands of lives.

While navigating a global pandemic, I’m reminded of the incredible sacrifices you’ve made. Our health care workers were among the first to answer the call — at great risk to yourself and your families — to protect our patients and communities against an unknown and deadly virus.

The list of those to thank is long. They are our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab workers, imaging techs, CNAs and MAs, respiratory, physical and occupational therapists caring for patients.

Our Materials Management crew making sure our supplies of masks, gowns, gloves and PPE don’t run out.

Our Environmental Services team keeping rooms and facilities clean to prevent the spread of disease.

And the hundreds of others working in departments behind the scenes such as ITS, Nutrition Services, Quality, Accounting, Finance, Risk, Security, Human Resources, Patient Registration, Guest Services and more helping to keep our organization running efficiently.

This week, I recognize all our employees. Our community owes you a debt of gratitude for the long road traveled and encouragement for the miles of road ahead.

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