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“We just want to take care of people”

For Black providers, the profession comes with an added burden: having to prove themselves again and again.

A patient at a Michigan hospital needed emergency surgery. When the woman saw that the on-call surgeon was Black, she asked for someone else. This video shows the painful reality faced by many Black clinicians.


After the civil unrest in summer 2020, it became apparent that America — and Asante — must do more to promote social justice and try to eliminate biases. The result was the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee.

The team of employees and leaders is focusing on employee engagement, patient engagement, community outreach, policy management, employee and leadership development, and communications

The intent of the work not only is to embrace diversity at Asante, but to recognize our commonalities. If you are interested in the work of equity, diversity and inclusionemail us with your comments and suggestions.

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