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Water quality rumors at ARRMC are just that

ICU infections from last year prompted extra measures, but regular monitoring ensures safe water.


There is some old news causing current rumors to circulate around the hospital.

From September through December 2022, several central line infections in the ARRMC critical care units were linked to waterborne bacteria. Currently, there is no known water contamination at ARRMC or any of our facilities.

ARRMC is on the city of Medford’s water supply and is tested and monitored regularly. Residents of Medford are supplied with the same source of water to their homes.

Our Facilities Department has a water management program that monitors our supply weekly, and cleans and sanitizes ice machines on a regular schedule. If you would like Facilities to check the ice machine on your unit, please place a work order.

Bacteria can be common in any water supply and may be harmful when used for patient care of our vulnerable patients. That’s one reason why we check our water source regularly and have precautions in place to prevent waterborne infections.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Holly Nickerson or Facilities teams for information.

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