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Vacation photo contest: Close to home

Scroll through the photo gallery to see where your co-workers went — and which pictured earned best photo!


With a Maine trip out the window, Sara Aitken, an APP nurse in Ashland, converted a van into a mobile home.
ATRMC's Crystal Ball from Sterile Processing and Christine Pierce, Family Birth Center, soaked up the sun in Brookings.
Melissa Beachler from ARRMC's cath lab celebrated atop Mt. Kilimanjaro. There, "Asante" means "thank you."
Tasha Bolt, a nurse at ARRMC, couldn't distance herself from chocolate in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
Yellowstone was the destination for Megan Droesch and family. Droesch is a perinatal tech at ARRMC.
Beth Eckhardt, an application analyst for HR, took her fur family to Crater Lake.
Amy Gettman, a clinical informatics specialist, enjoyed Wildlife Safari with daughter Mckenna.
Rosie Governor, an RT with Asante Imaging, visited the beach caves in Heceta with husband, Fred.
ARRMC med tech Billie Herauf posed with the world's largest Holstein in, where else, North Dakota.
Glenna Van Buskirk of Asante Hospice took a horse-filled staycation with grandson Lochlan.
And the winner is ... Sarah Howland, a quality specialist with APP who braved the weather to take in the beauty of Montana's Glacier National Park. The photo captures the mood of 2020: Solitary, yet behind the clouds there's still beauty.
Todd Miller, who works in PT/Rehab, traveled to the Philippines with his wife, Maria, a nurse in IRC, in January before COVID struck.

This summer’s vacation photo contest reflected the year. Families stayed close to home or traveled within the United States. Some went to such exotic places as Mt. Kiliminjaro and North Dakota, while others enjoyed the scenic beauty of Yellowstone and the Oregon Coast. In keeping with COVID-19 rules, vacationers wore masks unless they were with close family or in isolated spots away from others.

The winner of this year’s contest is Sarah Howland, a quality specialist with APP. Her photo perfectly mirrored the COVID-19 summer. Wearing an Asante shirt, she stands alone, overlooking Montana’s Glacier National Park. Despite the overcast sky and clouds covering the mountain, the park’s beauty still shines through. Howland wins a $50 gift card!

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