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Two leaders take on new system roles

Win Howard becomes system CAO and Eric Loeliger, MD, is VP of Operations at ATRMC.


Win Howard

As Asante grows and evolves, the organization continues to seek opportunities to be operationally efficient. Effective April 9, two changes to our leadership structure will help Asante function more effectively as a system across service lines rather than as individual hospital entities.

The first change is the addition of a new chief administrative officer (CAO) and the promotion of Win Howard into that role.

As part of his CAO responsibilities, Howard will oversee all operations for Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center, Asante Three Rivers Medical Center and Asante Ashland Community Hospital. He will also oversee Human Resources, Organizational Leadership and Development, Pharmacy Services and Cancer Services, including both Heimann and Spears cancer centers.

“Win has been an outstanding leader for Asante for more than two decades and he truly understands hospital operations,” said Roy Vinyard, Asante interim president and CEO. “He is well-respected by everyone in our organization and is very active in the community. His collaborative style will help our hospitals work better together, continuing to improve quality, safety and efficiency for everyone we serve.”

Howard has been with Asante since 2002 starting his career here as regional manager of Imaging. He became system vice president of Operations in 2006, and for the past 14 years, has been the CEO for Asante Three Rivers Medical Center.

Eric Loeliger, MD
Eric Loeliger, MD

The second leadership change is for Eric Loeliger, MD, who moves into a new position as vice president of Operations and medical officer for Asante Three Rivers Medical Center.

In addition to his role as vice president of Medical Affairs (VPMA) for the hospital, and having system responsibility for Medical Staff Services, Dr. Loeliger will be responsible for the following services at Asante Three Rivers: Facilities, Security, Imaging, Cardiovascular Recovery, Cardiopulmonary, Sleep Lab, Environmental Services, Central Transportation, Rehabilitation, Respiratory Therapy, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Laboratory, Nutrition Services and the Auxiliary programs.

“Eric is a great leader and I’ve always admired his human-centered leadership style,” said Win Howard.

Dr. Loeliger began his career at Asante in 2008 as an Emergency Department physician. In 2012, he became the ATRMC Emergency Department medical director and has been serving as VPMA at ATRMC since 2015. He will report to Win Howard for ATRMC operations and to Jamie Grebosky, MD, for VPMA functions.

“Eric has led the Medical Staff team at Three Rivers for a decade, and during this time he has improved quality and safety for our patients resulting in lower mortality, fewer readmissions and reduced cost for our patients,” said Jamie Grebosky, MD, chief medical officer for Asante.

With the new chief administrative officer role and Win’s oversight of the three hospitals along with Dr. Loeliger’s newly expanded operations role, there no longer will be a hospital CEO position at Asante Three Rivers or Asante Rogue Regional. The search for a vice president of Operations at Rogue will begin this month. The role also will share some system responsibilities.

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