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To prevent provider burnout, APP is developing solutions

Provider well-being is the cornerstone of good patient care.


As many of you are acutely aware, a significant, validated body of medical literature has been published related to health care provider “burnout” and disengagement.

This problem has accelerated in the recent past and has outstripped the rate and frequency of burnout seen in other professions. Although there are several reasons for this, it has become clear that we cannot afford to ignore this very real issue facing our providers.

To address this, Asante and APP have put together a wellness steering committee and have engaged Barry Egener, MD, a subject matter expert in this field, to frame and develop an approach to this issue.

We believe we are ahead of the curve in addressing this phenomenon in our organization, but nonetheless vulnerable to the potential negative effects as described in the literature. Developing a “culture of wellness” is a joint endeavor between Asante, APP leadership and engaged providers.

To that end, we will be presenting a series of articles related to this initiative. These articles will focus on four main areas of practice:

  • Personal resilience
  • Efficiency of practice
  • Organizational culture
  • Professionalism

Please join us as we embark on this important journey to establish our “culture of wellness” and continue to become a great place to work and practice.

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