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Third-quarter PEAK results are in

Our operating margin remains strong and we’re hitting other goals as well. We have one more quarter to reach our year-end targets.


The Productive Employees Achieving Key Goals  program results have been calculated for the third quarter of fiscal year 2021, and the results are good to mixed. Thanks to a rally by Asante employees, we had 83% participation in the Employee Voice Survey by early Monday, surpassing the 80% goal. Flu vaccination however, ended the season below target.

You’ll recall that this year we have moved to Asante-wide PEAK measures. These will account for 100% of the PEAK program measures, which are designed to encourage employees across the system to work together to improve our performance.Provide the highest quality services

  • Inpatient experience: We continue to focus on patient experience, and we continue to calculate inpatient experience using several domains of care. We missed the goal of 73.9% top box score with a result of 73% for fiscal year to date. (Top box scores reflect the percentage of patients who give nines and tens as their response to the survey.)
Maintain a healthy workforce and community
  • Flu vaccinations: We are currently at 81.5% of employees who have received the flu shot. The herd immunity expectation for flu is 90%, so we did not hit that goal for the year.
Provide accessible services
  • Consumer perception of APP access: With fiscal-year-to-date results of 67.2% of APP patients rating us in the top box, we are ahead of our goal of 66.1%. Continued work in the clinics and increased use of technology such as telemedicine and MyChart has added to these positive results.
  • Operating margin: To ensure we’re working efficiently, Asante’s operating margin remains one of our performance measures. We are running at 3.5% for our operating margin fiscal year to date, well above the 2% minimum goal for a PEAK payout. It’s important that Asante achieve at least a 3% operating margin as set on the Balanced Scorecard, however, to honor our everyday work that helps to reduce waste and expenses and keeps us financially sound, we’ll maintain a 2% operating margin goal for the 2021 PEAK program. You’ll recall that Asante must meet the 2% operating margin for any PEAK award to be paid out at year’s end.
Build Asante’s team of the future
  • Employee Voice Survey: Following last year’s model, we included a PEAK incentive tied to the response rate on the annual employee survey because we need to hear your concerns in addition to what we’re doing well. As of July 30, we hit our target of 80%! This level of participation puts us in the top rung of health care organizations for employee response rates.
PEAK eligibility

More than 5,500 Asante employees are eligible for the PEAK program:

  • An employee must be classified as regular full-time, regular part-time or flexible employee for at least one full fiscal quarter (hire date no later than July 1, 2021) and be employed at the time of the incentive payout.
  • Full-time, part-time and flexible status is determined based on employee status as of Sept. 30 of the plan year.
  • Regular full-time eligible employees receive 100% of the award.
  • Regular part-time eligible employees receive 75% of the award.
  • Flexible eligible workers who work at least four hours throughout the fiscal year receive 50% of the award.
  • The first written corrective action an employee receives during the fiscal year will reduce the overall award amount by 40%.
  • Each additional written corrective action an employee receives during the fiscal year will reduce the award by an additional 20%.
  • PEAK achievements are tracked throughout the year but are based on annual targets and paid annually.
  • Employees participating in other Asante incentive programs are not eligible to participate, including but not limited to: executives, directors, managers, physicians and advanced practitioners.
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  • Kayla Guthrie
    August 3, 2021 8:55 am

    I think it is a little ridiculous that the flu shot even counted when we had to wear masks anyways. Also, working in UC, I didn’t see one positive flu this year. I don’t think that should count against anyone. I also don’t think our bonuses should be relied upon completing a bunch of things. We should get bonuses for being here and showing up. We have worked all throughout COVID and the only thing we got was an extra taxed $150. Kind of a slap in the face when non healthcare places were paying their employees big bonuses and hazard pay for working during COVID. We did not get any of that. So much for appreciation.

    • Carissa Grant
      August 3, 2021 5:14 pm

      Completely agree with you about the flu shot being counted! I was told today that I have to take 10 days off unpaid after being exposed to a positive patient because I tested negative. If I would have tested positive they would have paid me. Makes no sense to me after working all throughout Covid just like you and the rest of Asante.

  • Kayla, we discussed this with the leadership team, who create and maintain our incentive programs, and decided it was important to keep the plan the same as it was created at the beginning of the year to maintain the integrity of the program. Instead of removing the flu shot measure, we decided to leverage the money that was budgeted and add in the COVID Cash incentive to increase vaccination rates. We certainly do appreciate the work everyone has done to continue to treat our patients with amazing care and to support one another.

  • Connie Thompson
    August 3, 2021 2:39 pm

    Although we fell slightly short of our Inpatient experience goal, I think we should be proud of our results. We have been consistently short staffed in the hospital inpatient setting. We have run floors with no unit clerks at times, sharing a charge nurse across multiple units, and at times have had nurses caring for more patients than we typically do. We have worked extra shifts covering for sick workmates or those who have had family emergencies. This holds true for our precious CNAs as well. Each of these factors increase the response time to patient call lights, and the amount of time each of us have to spend with individual patients. This in turn decreases inpatient experience. I believe this needs to be recognized and that we should still be acknowledged as having done an excellent job.

  • Flu shots should be awarded on a person to person basis. I didn’t want to get mine but I did in hopes that we would achieve PEAK goals as a system. I don’t know if I will get it next year. Just a thought as the discouragement drives incentive downward.

    My second thought is, we are experiencing an Emergency Public Health Catastrophe, so incentive should be aimed at doing our best instead of reaching unattainable goals since the census has been completely irregular. I am assuming the organization has already given us more wiggle room due to this? Many other organizations, including wal-mart pharmacy are getting Hazard Pay as incentive. Incentives are what keep healthcare workers hopes high in times of crisis.

    I’ll be praying in hopes that we can survive this epidemic and come out on top!


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