The fifth-level badge design takes us to the stars

Nearly 1,100 employees voted on the highest-level VIA badge and the winner was clear.

badge levelsThe results are in: The badge design that will represent the highest Values in Action recognition is “the galaxy.” The new, fifth-level badge was unveiled on Monday, April 3, at the Employee Engagement and Communication Fair.

Seventy-two Asante employees have qualified for the new badge level, which means they received more VIA appliques than the previous top level, which featured clouds. The fifth-level badge will be given to employees who have earned 24 appliques after reaching the cloud level.

Kim Skelton, ITS media coordinator, takes the title of employee with the most VIA recognitions. He has earned 155 appliques, not counting the months in which he was honored with a VIA recognition twice or more. Skelton joined Asante in 1994, seven years before the VIA program was established.

“That’s a big accomplishment,” Alicia Lorenz, director of HR Administration and Employee Relations, told Skelton at the unveiling. “Congratulations.” Others who earned the galaxy badge were also in attendance, including Joey Harrington from ARRMC, David Lubina of AACH and Kathleen Agosta from ATRMC.

Employees who receive a Values in Action card for exemplifying Asante’s Values of excellence, respect, honesty, service and teamwork receive a blueberry or gold berry applique to place on their ID badge. Employees who earn 12 berry appliques are upgraded from a white badge to one with a blue background. It takes 12 appliques to upgrade from a blue to a gold, 24 to reach the cloud level and another 24 to earn the galaxy badge.

The new badge level is the result of feedback to the Asante employee retention team, which is looking for more ways to recognize employees for their contributions to Asante. So far, 163,600 VIAs have been given since the program was started in 2001.

Here are the staff members whose badges will be upgraded:

Employee Berries Employee Berries
Skelton, Kim L. 155 Ross, Larry P. 84
Jermain, Theresa A. 127 Kenyon, Marjorie J. 83
Lennon, Rick G. 117 Thomas, David S. 82
Boyd, Kimberly J. 116 Spencer, Carrie A. 81
Brown, James E. 113 Millard, Amy 80
Governor, Rosanne M. 113 Baca, David A. 79
Laahs, Shelley D. 111 Doig, Dawn R. 79
O’Connor, Marie 105 Durango, Linda J. 79
Higgins, Annette M. 102 Kinnen, David L. 78
Gigstad, Tonya M. 102 Harrington, Joey P. 78
Bish, Richard L. 101 Simeona, Bruce K. 77
Hamilton, Denise L. 100 Cutting, Brandy A. 77
Broughton, Joanne D. 98 Dunn, Jay L. 77
Eshoo, Glenn B. 96 Berg, Racheal M. 77
Dabrowski, Alicia M. 96 Agosta, Kathleen 77
Rossi, Frank B. 95 Horstman, Cecelia A. 76
Morava, Debbie E. 95 Robertson, Jessica R. 75
Lesher, Nicole L. 94 Tankersley, Wendy S. 75
Jones, Becca L. 93 Shannon, Roseanna D. 75
Clark, Marinela 93 McClintock, Rashell D. 75
Mayle, Tami D. 93 Cardiff, Chace A. 74
Young, Sharon J. 93 Stumpenhaus, Teresa R. 74
Padilla, Yvonne A. 92 Iwahashi, Jane 74
Holland, Michael R. 91 Smart, Terrie 74
Reynoso, Alberto 91 Dines, Melanie M. 74
Williams, Elena R. 90 Ross Wiseman, Tammy M. 73
Gibson, Rob A. 90 Lubina, David R. 73
Tramblie, Michelle L. 90 King, Patty L. 73
Choi, Ken L. 89 Blansett, Audra B. 73
Eldred, Christy M. 89 Bourgeois, Mary C. 73
Cousland, Katy M. 88 Leard, Joel G. 73
Bernardo, Marijean 87 Mintun, Jan 73
Daniels, Nicole C. 87 Maddux, Karl J. 72
Hughes, Barbara J. 87 Stollings, Sid D. 72
Lacoe, Anna M. 86 White, Susie J. 72
Robinson, Fred D. 85 Christian, Cathy A. 72

Employees who are eligible for the new level will receive an email from HR with an upgrade form. If all this has inspired you to nominate a co-worker who goes above and beyond in living Asante’s Values, you can access the digital nomination form online at asante.org/patients-visitors/values-in-action. No network login is required.

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