The Employee Engagement Survey arrives next month!

Asante is conducting another full survey to gauge employees’ attitudes about the organization and their department.

The annual Employee Engagement Survey returns next month, but this year it has a twist. It combines three systemwide surveys into one: the standard engagement survey, the Culture of Safety survey and the Compliance survey.

The decision to blend the three has several advantages, according to Robert Begg, vice president of Human Resources. It’s more efficient and it helps prevent the “survey fatigue” employees may experience from having to complete multiple surveys throughout the year.

“It also gives us an opportunity to drill down to the supervisor and department level for the Compliance and Culture of Safety surveys,” he said.

This year is a full survey, with just 68 questions that will help leaders to learn what’s working in a given department, what isn’t, and to develop action plans based on employee feedback.

Employees will be asked how they feel about Asante, their department, their supervisor, their teams, communication and more.

Once again, participation is part of the PEAK incentive program. If 80% of Asante employees take the survey, every eligible full-time employee stands to take home $200 — double last year’s award. (Asante must have an operating margin result of at least 2% for a PEAK payout in the fall.)

The survey will arrive in employees’ Asante email accounts on July 12. It runs through Aug. 2. The survey is online and, as always, is anonymous.

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