The Dog Days of Summer: Meet Panda, the triage cat

Submissions are coming in for the photo contest! Check in regularly to meet new pets.

Because some pets prefer to do the talking, we introduce Panda, who works with April Rosenthal at her home office.


I’m Panda, The Pandemic Cat. I come to you from Nurse April’s desk. We do follow-up calls for TCM patients and patients seen in the ED. And nurse triage for two APP clinics in Ashland and Talent. Of course, I had to sign a HIPPA agreement before I could become a triage cat.

I give my nurse person the best of my knowledge and experience, which makes me very tired. Most of the time, I pretend to sleep on the desk so I can eavesdrop on her core team meetings and WebEx webinars.

Well, it’s time for my nap. Good chatting with you. Signing off,

Panda, the Asante cat-viser

Enter the Dog Days of Summer contest!

Send a photo of your dog, cat, bird, bearded dragon — any pet, really — and be entered to win Asante swag worth $50.

  • If the photo includes you with your pet, you’ll get a second entry into the prize drawing.
  • If you share a photo plus a funny story — something silly your pet did while you were trying to work — you’ll get three entries into the prize drawing.

To enter, submit to as********@as****.org. Make sure to include:

  1. Your name and job title
  2. Your entity and department
  3. Your pet or pets’ names and breeds. (If submitting a group photo, identify the pets from left to right.)
  4. A photo or video. (Please attach separately; do not embed in the body of the email or Word document.)

The deadline to submit your photo is Aug. 31. The winner will be announced in Asante News Online.

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