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Telemedicine expands inpatient psychiatric coverage

Using a mini “robot” with two-way video, a nurse can set up a conversation between the patient and a psychiatrist located outside the hospital.


Now more than ever, access to psychiatric services is critical for our community. Over the past several years, Asante has sought to expand inpatient psychiatric services to help cover the increasing need.

Beginning last year, a strategic push was made to offer psychiatric telehealth inpatient service at AACH and ATRMC. Asante and APP behavioral health physicians and advanced practitioners provide comprehensive psychiatric telehealth assessments and ongoing treatment recommendations.

This innovative service could not be offered without the advancements in our telehealth workflows. AACH and ATRMC nurses and providers identify the need for a telemedicine visit and engage the remote psychiatric providers.

The inpatient nurse facilitates the consult using a “mini-robot,” which allows the patient and the psychiatrist to talk to one another via two-way video from the patient’s room. After connecting with the patient and local care team, the psychiatrist makes recommendations about the plan of care and any necessary medication adjustments.

Having access to psychiatric services at AACH and ATRMC has made a significant difference in the care of this vulnerable patient population. Asante is proud to offer this service and to provide patients at AACH and ATRMC access to the care they need, when they need it.

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