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Survey says: Compliance needs your feedback

Learn more about legal and compliance issues, share your opinions and be entered to win an Asante jacket!

What does Asante Compliance do? How do you report concerns? What’s the difference between Asante’s Compliance and Legal functions? Test your knowledge by taking the 2020 Asante Compliance Assessment Survey and be entered to win one of two Asante-branded jackets.

The survey will gather information about employees’ baseline understanding of Corporate Legal and Compliance departments. The simple (we promise) questions will lead to a better understanding of which compliance topics should be the focus of educational support for Asante employees.


By participating in the survey, you will help shape your own legal and compliance education while providing feedback that helps make future training applicable, relevant and fun.

The survey takes about five minutes to complete and concludes on Monday, Nov. 2.  Be sure to enter your contact information at the end of the survey to be eligible for the random prize drawing. Winners will be chosen the following week.

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