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Still logging into Duo the hard way? Here’s how to ease your access

The Duo mobile app offers faster, easier and more secure access to the Asante network.


Did you know that 20% of Asante Duo users could log into Asante systems faster, more easily and more securely than they do now by using the Duo mobile app?

Currently, there are three ways employees can log into the Asante network through Duo’s multifactor authentication process. These options allow as many employees as possible to use Duo with or without a reliable Internet connection.

By far the best way to use Duo, however, is through the Duo mobile app. All that is needed is a screen tap on your smartphone or smart watch to approve an incoming Duo push notification. Duo push is also more secure than SMS or phone calls since it is not vulnerable to carrier-based attacks or passcode interception.

Duo mobile push


Most secure
Smart watch support
Simply approve or decline from your smart phone notification. Learn more »
Duo mobile OTP
(One-time password)
More secure

Works offline (no cell service needed)

When logging in, use a rotating code displayed in the Duo mobile app. Learn more »


Duo phone call and SMS passcodes Does not require a smartphone or mobile phone When logging in, accept a phone call or code via text message to log in. Learn more »

If you cannot use the Duo mobile app option with your older phone, be aware that not only is your Duo process less secure, but your phone itself is vulnerable to new and old cyberthreats. You might consider a phone update or upgrade since it could be cheaper in the long run than using an unsupported phone which is subject to cyberattacks and problems.

You can find instructions for checking Duo and phone version compatibility on the Duo website: iOS or Android. Other Duo information can also be found on the myAsanteNET Duo website.

Remember that downloading the Duo mobile app onto your personal phone does not allow Asante to view, change, remotely wipe or control your phone. The Duo mobile app cannot spy on or damage your phone. Instead, it simply provides an easy way for you to prove that your login is really your login.

To enroll a new device or add the Duo app option, follow these instructions.

Duo multifactor authentication is one of our most powerful tools for protecting Asante and its critical systems from rampant cybercrime.  Thank you for using it — and use it as efficiently and securely as possible.

If you have questions about Duo and its use, call the IT Service Desk at (541) 789-4141.

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