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STAT: COVID-19 vaccine at Asante

Asante is making plans to receive a COVID-19 vaccine for employees in early 2021.


Several pharmaceutical companies are racing to develop a vaccine that will support the human body in developing immunity to the novel coronavirus.

Once the vaccines are approved for use by the FDA, Oregon could see a small number of COVID-19 vaccine doses as early as Dec. 15, with a wider distribution of the vaccine coming near the end of the year.

If vaccine supplies are available, Asante anticipates holding its first COVID-19 vaccination clinics for employees in early 2021. We’ll follow recommendations from the Oregon Health Authority and the CDC regarding initial distribution of the limited supply.

Asante’s goal is a fair and equitable distribution of the vaccine. We’ll ensure the top priorities for vaccination are staff and providers working in direct patient locations. Further prioritization will be announced as vaccine supply is better understood.

Getting a vaccination will not be mandatory. As the vaccine only has the potential to strengthen immunity, Asante will still require vaccinated employees to wear a mask, physical distance and stay home when ill.

Information about the vaccine is changing rapidly and we’ll continue to provide updates on the latest developments.

Questions about the COVID-19 vaccine for employees? Check out the FAQs.

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  • Ronald Kleiman
    January 14, 2021 10:33 am

    When can I get vaccine and how do I get an appointment? I am 74 years old with preexisting conditions including a pacemaker.\


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