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Spring Into Wellness Challenge kicks off March 20

The popular “prove you move” challenge begins with a staff-hosted hike in Jackson or Josephine county.

The Rogue Ruckers at Lower Table Rock in 2019. From left: Carley Santee; Dexter Morgan with his mom, Trista Ungaro; Sherry Sorenson; Kim Munro; Kelley Munro; Billie Owens and Robby Hill.

Asante’s employees and spouses are invited to participate in this six-week outdoor spring activity challenge. The goal is to continue moving no matter what the weather has in store.

Participants will be outdoors doing a variety of walks, bikes, hikes and runs over the course of six weeks.

Asante Health Promotion will kick off the challenge with two group hikes on March 20, one in Jackson County and the other in Josephine County.

Over the remaining weeks, employees and their spouses will do their own walking, cycling, hiking or running activity. To be eligible for prize drawings, you’ll need to “prove you moved” by emailing images to Asante Health Promotion for credit.

The challenge runs March 20 through April 24. Participants will be required to follow COVID-19 distancing practices.

To register for the staff-hosted hike on March 20:

  • Email Asante Health Promotion, and specify in which county you’ll be hiking.
  • You’ll receive a liability release and medical clearance form, which must be completed before you can participate.
  • Medical clearance can be given by Health Promotion educators if you or your spouse had a biometric screening for Know Your Numbers in 2020. If not, you can be cleared through Asante Employee Health or by your primary care provider.

This hike includes a random drawing for a prize valued at $50. To quality, you must complete the pre-registration process and be present to win at the end of the hike.

No registration is required for other outdoor events. You can do as many activities as you like, however, the minimum distance is 5K (about 3 miles). There is no limit on entries; the more you move and prove it, the better your chances to win prizes.

Prizes for the independent “prove you move” activities for this and other challenges is a $100 Tango gift card, drawn quarterly for each campus (AACH, ARRMC, ATRMC) throughout the year.

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