Sitting is the new smoking — webinar helps you moderate

At your desk all day? Health educator Mindy Bath walks you through strengthening and stretching exercises to prevent “dead butt syndrome.”

With this wide “umbrella” topic of lower body stretching and strengthening, Asante health educator Mindy Bath wanted to put more of a focus on the pelvic region. This is the center of our stability. Weakness, tightness and improper posture and pelvic tilt can lead to pain and instability.

What is it that we do most throughout our day? Sitting? Sitting is the new smoking when it comes to high-risk factors. Being sedentary can lead to many health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, weakness, tightness and pain.

The pelvis supports the weight of our body through our spinal column passing force to our sacrum. It also receives the ground forces generated as we walk, moving in different motions to create a smooth gait. Dead butt syndrome (DBS) is a real term, known medically as gluteal amnesia. DBS is a weakness of the gluteus medius, which causes a lateral side drop with the pelvis as we stand on one foot or through our gait.

DBS can cause lower back pain, hip pain and even go into your knees and ankles as the body tries to compensate for that weakness or imbalance. While we are sitting, our hip flexors contract while our gluetes are at rest, leading to that weakness.

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