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Asante campuses bear signs of hope

This month, lawn signs will appear on Asante campuses and clinics offering words of encouragement.

“You matter.” “You are not alone.” “Your mistakes do not define you.”

These messages will appear throughout Asante campuses this month, reminding employees, patients and the broader community that their lives are worth keeping. It’s part of a national suicide-prevention campaign that started in Newberg, Oregon, in 2017 and has spread to a global movement.

“We are givers and champions of care, but we also have moments where we need to receive care and support,” said Jennifer Nidalmia, a clinical practice adviser for Asante Behavioral Health Services. “Our community mental health has been stretched thin and each and every one of us has moments where extra kindness and support can be a lifeline. ”

The signs come from Don’t Give Up, a nonprofit founded by business consultant and speaker Amy Wolff. She launched the campaign in response to Newberg’s suicide rate. Since then, her signs have appeared in all 50 states and 26 countries.

The Asante Wellness Program, along with ARRMC Behavioral Health Services, wanted to share their message.

“These signs are being used all across the state to rally each other to collective hope and remind us that it’s OK to lean on others for help,” Nidalmia said. “You matter.”

Asante’s Wellness Program webpage offers depression and suicide resources for any employee in crisis.

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