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Short Stay to expand at ARRMC in next phase of renovations

See a phase-by-phase guide to construction, including maps.



Those bangs and thuds you’ll hear at Asante Rogue Regional next month are the sounds of progress. The renovations are split into phases:

Phase I included 10 new treatment rooms and five triage rooms in the Emergency Department and were completed in July 2021.

Phase 2 of a five-year, $44 million renovation plan to expand Short Stay, Endoscopy, Cath Labs, critical care areas and Materials Management in the existing hospital kicks into high gear on Aug. 1.

Seven additional Short Stay rooms will be built on the first floor where the gift shop used to be, behind the waiting area for surgery. Jeff Robbins, facilities manager and safety officer at ARRMC, doesn’t expect the work to adversely impact the operating rooms.

“We will do everything we can to mitigate dust and limit the noise,” he says. “We will work in partnership with these critical areas.” With just a phone call, the OR can ask the work to be paused if it’s impacting surgery.

Phase 2 also involves building a long corridor on the Ground Floor through Central Sterile Processing and behind the cafeteria to connect Materials Management to the new build. The corridor will allow the transport of new equipment from the loading dock to the new build, scheduled to open in October 2023.

The yearlong Phase 2 project is being done by Adroit Construction, which also built Asante’s cancer centers and remodeled Imaging’s new space.

Phase 3 begins shortly after the pavilion opens and is scheduled to last through March 2025. It includes:

  • A new morgue and expansion of the Materials Management Department.
  • Relocation of Endoscopy, Short Stay and Cath Labs to where the operating suites are now.
  • Increase in prep/recovery rooms from 11 to 24.
  • Expansion of Cath Labs from four to six, with the ability to add two more in the future.
  • Expansion of endoscopy procedure rooms from five to eight.
  • Remodeling of the former ICU on the third floor of the bed tower into 16 private rooms for Extended Stay and 27 prep/recovery rooms for Cardiovascular Recovery. There also will be two transesophageal echocardiography/echo rooms.

Phase 4 starts in May 2025 and concludes in winter 2026:

  • Short Stay expands into vacated Endoscopy area.
  • Clinical Decision Unit is built where Cardiovascular Recovery is now.
  • Final Materials Management renovations are completed.

Have questions, concerns or ideas concerning the new build? Email them to [email protected]. Please be advised, any major structural changes or reconfigurations are not possible this late into the project.

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