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Reminder about receiving gifts this holiday season

When it comes to giving and receiving gifts at Asante, you’ll want to know what is and is not allowed.

Tis the season of giving, and sometimes patients and vendors want to show their gratitude with a gift. It may be tempting to accept, if only to avoid the awkwardness of having to decline a well-meaning gesture.

The Business Courtesies and Gifts with Vendors Policy  and Gifts from Patients both outline the conditions in which employees can and cannot accept gifts.

Employees may not accept:

  • Gifts influencing decision-making. This goes both ways — you can’t accept gifts for this reason, nor can you give gifts of value to a purchaser, supplier, patient or government employee.
  • Any tips, cash or cash equivalents (e.g., cash, gift cards or gift certificates). Instead refer the patient or vendor to Asante Foundation, where they can thank you by making a donation.
  • Gifts from patients. Again, you should refer the patient to Asante Foundation, where they can thank you by making a donation.

There are a few exceptions. Employees may accept:

  • A gift from a vendor if the total value is less than $100 (and does not exceed an aggregate limit over $100 a year per vendor).
  • Perishable foods (e.g., fruit baskets and cookie trays) from vendors. The perishable item may exceed the $100 limit if the perishable item is intended to be shared with the employee’s department.
  • Employees may accept token non-cash gifts of appreciation from patients. Unsolicited gifts of modest value, modest value would be small tokens of appreciation under the value of $75 (e.g., handmade goods, flowers, fruit baskets), may be accepted from patients and their families provided that the gift is not related to past or anticipated preferential treatment (that is, is given without expectation of anything in return). Perishable food items that exceed the $75 value may be accepted, provided that the food is shared with other members of the recipient’s department or unit.

Asante policy and federal regulations also limit the kind of gifts or favors that can be given to non-employed physicians.

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