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Ready to earn your master’s degree?

Get the degree you want with tuition covered.

If you’ve been thinking about earning a master’s degree, this new opportunity may help you decide.

Asante and Capella University can help support your educational goals. The costs of select master’s programs have been aligned with Asante’s tuition assistance program to give you the potential to earn a degree without paying tuition costs.*

To learn more and view eligible programs, click here.

*Eligible employees and programs only. Tuition pricing and out-of-pocket costs vary by program. To benefit from full discounts, you must meet Asante’s Tuition Assistance Aligned Pricing requirements. You are responsible for paying any tuition and fees not covered by Asante’s tuition assistance policy. Books, supplies and other fees may apply. Consult with your tuition reimbursement coordinator for more details.

FlexPath option

Capella offers a FlexPath learning format for those seeking higher education. FlexPath lets you set your own deadlines and proceed at your own pace. Programs are available for nursing, business and health care administration degrees. Get started with 50% off your first 12-week session.

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