Q&A with Win Howard, Asante chief administrative officer

The former CEO of Asante Three Rivers steps into a newly created system role.

On April 9, Win Howard was named chief administrative officer, a system role that oversees operations for all three hospitals, Human Resources, Organizational Leadership and Development, Pharmacy Services and Cancer Services, including both Heimann and Spears cancer centers.

Having served as CEO of Asante Three Rivers for 14 years, Howard is a familiar face to many longtime employees. As he settles into his new position, we learn more about his background, leadership style and goals for his first 100 days.

What is the difference between a chief administrative officer and a chief operations officer?

In some organizations, the role of CAO and COO are interchangeable. Both focus on implementing company strategies into daily operations. In our case, the role of CAO includes operations within our hospitals, cancer centers and our pharmacy service line. In addition, with HR, Organizational Leadership and Development, the role of CAO includes both operations and administrative functions as well.

What are your priorities in your first 100 days?

I’m looking forward to meeting as many employees and medical staff members as possible. My focus will be to listen and learn what’s in their hearts and on their minds. We’re in a people business and that’s what makes Asante so special; it’s all about the people.

How do you like to communicate with staff?

I’m open to communicate with our staff in any way that works for them, my preference is in person or by e-mail, but I can make either way work.

How do you describe your communication style?

I ascribe to be a human-centered leader.

What is one trait you admire in an employee?

I’ve always valued those who act with integrity.

What is one behavior you can’t tolerate?

Aggressive and disrespectful behavior.

Who influenced you the most?

My parents. My dad could do anything, build anything and fix anything, and had a very kind heart. My mom was very outgoing, could talk to anyone. Everyone loved my mom. They both taught me what was important in life and to be a person of integrity.

What is the last book you read?

During the first week in my new role, I read “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently.”

What did you want to be when you grew up?

An attorney, just like Kristen Roy is.

What was your most unusual past job?

I worked for a pool cleaning company and was responsible for cleaning the chlorine gas tanks. I’m sure I inhaled some very nasty chemicals.

Win Howard
Win with wife, Mary, and Atarah.

What’s on your bucket list?

Hiking throughout Europe.

What is your favorite animal?

It’s a tie between dogs and horses.

What food or cuisine can’t you live without?

Since I married into an Asian family, it would be Asian food.

What is your favorite bingeworthy TV series?

“Shark Tank.”

What would surprise people about you?

Growing up, I lived on a ranch with several animals and chores. I rode horses almost every day, rain or shine. In fact, I competed in numerous horse shows in California and Missouri. 

What is your hidden talent?

I was previously an extreme water skier and in fact broke my jaw doing tricks.

Win Howard

Current position

Chief administrative officer, Asante.

Past roles

  • Senior vice president and chief executive officer, Asante Three Rivers Medial Center.
  • Vice president of operations, Asante.
  • Regional manager, Asante Imaging Services.
  • Division director, Cardiology, Imaging and Mercy North Health Center in Nampa, Idaho.
  • Imaging technologist and director of Diagnostic Imaging, Sutter Tracy Community Hospital, Tracy, California.


  • MBA, Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa, Idaho.
  • BS, organizational behavior, University of San Francisco.
  • Radiologic technologist, School of Radiology, Stockton, California.


  • Board member, AllCare Health, CCO.
  • Regent, American College of Healthcare Executives.
  • Steering committee, Blue Zones, Grants Pass.
  • Finance committee, Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems.
  • Past president, Oregon Society of Healthcare Executives; Rotary Club.
  • Board member, Community Bridges Foundation; Primary Health Coordinating Care Organization.
  • Past chair, Grants Pass and Josephine County Chamber of Commerce.
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  • Win- Asante is lucky to have a leader like you! You have been an asset to ATRMC. Congratulations on your new role!

  • Congratulations Win!

  • Congratulations on your new position Win. I worked for Asante for many years and always appreciated your true dedication to both the people of the community and the many people who made the Asante family. It really was like a family then. I know things have changed in the last few years; however, I have confidence that you are going to help restore Asante to being a prime medical provider in the community and a great place to work.


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