Put me in, coach, I’m ready to change today

A new year brings new inspiration. Get motivated, informed and supported on your wellness journey with Journi’s online health coaches.

A  new year brings new motivation to eat better, lose weight, get fit and other acts of self-care we put off during the holidays. To help, Journi, an online wellness resource, offers employees free unlimited access to certified health coaches.

These experts specialize in fitness, nutrition, sleep, resilience, stress management and behavior changes. You can ask quick health questions, set up regular check-ins and more.

Your health coach can:

  • Suggest easy and nutritious meals
  • Recommend re-energizing workout routines
  • Help you create healthy sleep patterns
  • Build action plans to help you accomplish wellness goals
  • Offer support and encouragement to keep you motivated
  • Work with you on your terms via chat, email or phone

Chat with a Journi health coach by Feb. 12 and receive a personal goal-keeping guide to help you focus all year long. You can connect to ask a question, get advice, set a goal or even just to learn how they could help you.

  1. Text ASANTE25 to 84332
  2. Use invitation code ASANTE25
  3. Have your insurance ID card handy to link your health plan

Don’t forget to record the activity in your Asante Wellness Program (on Regence Empower).

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