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Mini engagement survey arrives in inboxes soon

The third quarterly “micro-pulse” survey helps us measure employee engagement.



The third in our quarterly micro-pulse employee engagement surveys arrives in your inbox on April 5. The email comes from Press Ganey and is not spam or phishing. Please take five minutes to click on the unique link and provide ratings on the 10 short questions. As with all engagement surveys, your responses are confidential.

The deadline to submit your response is April 17.

We would love to have high participation rates on this and successive check-in surveys to provide annual comparative data. Note that these mini-surveys do not include open-ended questions nor space to provide feedback comments; they are designed to provide baseline data of employee engagement.

Future surveys include:

  • July-July 2023 – The full Employee Engagement Survey. This annual survey consists of a larger set of questions, as well as open-ended questions and options for comments.
  • October 2023 – Fourth-quarter micro-pulse.

Your responses help us understand how we can best develop our workforce and advance Asante’s culture. Thanks for your participation.

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