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Preventing Snaccidents: Ruby Raspberry Slaw

Fresh raspberries give a new twist on a traditional cabbage slaw.

Snaccidents chefs Tessa Hulse and Shea Quinn whip up a crunchy, creamy — and fancy — raspberry slaw. The 5-minute dish is low-fat but rich enough to bring to any social gathering. Kitty Sallas shows that even those with an aversion to raspberries will love this recipe.

We all have an inner autopilot when it comes to eating, especially when we’re hungry. You mean to have a green salad but instead you eat a whole bag of Cheetos. Oops — snaccident. To help you regain control and avoid these dietary slips, Asante offers this online recipe and demonstration series, Preventing Snaccidents.

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Leader spotlight: Chloe Heise
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