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Preventing Snaccidents healthy (but fun) eating series returns

This year we make, test and taste recipes in popular diet fads.


By simplest definition, a “snaccident” is the act of eating by mistake. Do you recognize this scenario: You mean to eat a green salad but instead accidentally eat a whole bag of chips? That’s a snaccident.

These happen more often to people on diets, unfortunately. To help us avoid these dietary slip-ups and offload the shame, an exciting spin is coming to a familiar series.

This year, Preventing Snaccidents will focus on “diet mythbusters.” We explore the efficacy of eight trending diet categories and debunk the belief that a healthy diet means eliminating our favorite foods. In fact, a healthy diet should include our favorite foods if we want lasting success.

Also new, this year’s series is offered in a binge-worthy way. (Pun intended on the videos, not intended with the food.) Asante registered dietitian Leslie Looney and I produced the new series, which is infused with wit, cringeworthy puns and invaluable education. We discuss the pros and cons of trending diets alongside healthy snack demos that align with each diet.

Special guest Shea Quinn, APP’s patient experience coordinator, stands in as a taste-experience liaison to the viewers. Each diet is rated overall into one of three emoji categories:

😊 recommended
😐 neutral
☹ not recommended

Wonder which of the fad diets below are ranked healthy or not by your trusted Asante wellness experts? Tune in to watch the whole series and find out. Listed below, in random order, here are the recipes featured:

  1. Veggie hummus wrap, in the fat-free and low-fat diet category
  2. Buffalo chicken sticks, allowed in Atkins, low-carb, Code Red and Keto diets
  3. Sunrise summer smoothie, included in Nutrisystem, SlimFast, Isagenix and Shakeology diet plans
  4. Tuna poppers, for Mediterranean, low-sodium, volumetric and DASH diets
  5. Macro mix ’n match, for intermittent fasting and macro counting diets
  6. Strawberry spring rolls, allowed in plant-based diets (vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, whole
    30 and vegan)
  7. Frozen yogurt fruity bark, promoted in diet apps such as Noom, WW, Lose It!, MyFitnessPal and others
  8. Poke cups, seen in the My Plate ratio diet method

Recipes and videos are available for mass consumption on the beWell Healthy Recipes page. The entire eight-part series can be binge-watched in about 2 1/2 hours. Each video is 15 to 20 minutes long.

Watch the trailer

Want an entry into the drawing for a $75 and a $100 prize? Email [email protected] with “Preventing Snaccidents Survey, please” in the subject line.

You will be sent a short survey to complete, which earns you anentry into each of the prize drawings.

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Sneak peek: Preventing Snaccidents series returns this month
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  • Great trailer!! Love the expressions on Kitty’s face!! Can’t wait to watch. Thanks to Shea, Leslie and Kitty for all of your creativity!

  • Kathy McCarty
    July 5, 2021 5:19 pm

    So funny, and informative. Thanks Kitty!


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