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Pre-pandemic we were a good team; now we’re a great team

ARRMC’s Support Services exemplify what Asante’s value of teamwork really means.


One of Asante’s values is teamwork, and this team rocked it through the pandemic. They truly are and have been the epitome of teamwork.

The people pictured in the photo above:

  • Have been in this building every day through high COVID patient volumes and extremely low staffing.
  • Have been cheerleaders to our staff during very stressful and challenging times.
  • Have worked extra hours to cover shifts, at times working double shifts and working 14 straight days.
  • Have worked performing other duties, not their normal jobs.
  • Volunteered to help fellow employees in the aftermath of the Almeda fire.

We have laughed together and cried many tears as we navigated many complex issues. We have been through losing family members with COVID , kids at home, spouses at home, quarantines, divorces, vaccine mandates, controversy and in-laws moving in. And we have been there for each other through it all.

Not once in the past two years, has anyone complained about the workload, the working environment or the challenges they endured. They have been selfless and devoted to Asante and each other. They are true servant leaders.

Pre-pandemic, we were a good team. Today, we are a rock solid, extraordinary team. I couldn’t be more proud of them.

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