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Only you can stop the spread of infection

As we observe International Infection Prevention Week, here are four ways to keep our patients safe.



Asante is proud to recognize International Infection Prevention Week and the important role we all play to promote the health and safety of our patients and communities. As we celebrate this observance, Asante Infection Prevention wants to continue to bring awareness to ways we all help stop the spread of infection.

Wash your hands

Washing with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer is the most important way to prevent the spread of germs.

We want to be a health care system where every physician, nurse and staff member who has contact with patients performs appropriate hand hygiene before and after touching a patient. All staff should also perform hand hygiene if your hands become dirty or contaminated, before and after eating, using the restroom and immediately after removing all personal protective equipment.

Protect yourself and our patients

Wear the right PPE for the job and know and follow the appropriate precautions for the given situation to prevent the spread of germs. A simple mask is required in all patient care facilities for source control, and when worn properly, helps to protect you, your patients and your fellow staff.

Keep our hospitals clean

Use only Asante-approved cleaning and disinfection materials per instructions, wipe down equipment between uses, clearly indicate clean versus dirty equipment, and identify cracks or peeling furniture or surfaces that can no longer be cleaned properly. If you see something not up to our standards, let your supervisor know.

Control aerosols, splashes and splatters

Cover your cough and sneezes, use appropriate precautions when performing aerosol-generating procedures and be mindful of those sink splash zones — tap water may harbor waterborne pathogens and other germs that shouldn’t come in contact with our patients or supplies.

Got questions? Please reach out to Asante Infection Prevention. Our small team of dedicated infection prevention specialists serve as resources to help us create and maintain a safe and clean environment for our staff, patients and community.

As we honor International Infection Prevention Week this week and all year, we share our thanks to the physicians, nurses, clinicians, Environmental Services team, facilities crew, and health care staff who work diligently to keep our patients and communities safe every day. Thank you for all you do!

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