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On Health Care Week, many thanks to the donors who have supported our teams

Over the past two years, the community has embraced Asante and its employees.
Dutch Bros. was one of the many donors who supported Asante employees, departments and initiatives over the past two years.

My kids are 8 and 10. Five years ago, they asked me if superheroes are real. I took them to ARRMC parking lot and pointed at the tower. Thank you.”

In honor of Health Care Week, Asante Foundation wants you to know how appreciated you are not only internally, but by our community. Over the past couple of years, the community has wrapped around Asante and its employees. This has been demonstrated in a number of ways, through philanthropy. When donors give to Asante, they give because of the tremendous and heroic work of our health care workers, and the impact they have on patients’ lives.

Over the past two years, nearly 150 donors gave in honor of an Asante employee or medical provider to support a number of Asante service lines and initiatives. The following individuals, entities and departments have been honored by donors, through their gifts:

Abbigale J. Gladman Asante Ashland ED staff Juan M. Castillo
Alexander J. Bennett Asante Ashland Community Hospital employees Kathryn L. Adkison
Christina J. Huston Asante Ashland Community Hospital medical staff Kent W. Dauterman
David L. Street Asante Hospice staff Kristina E. Darlington-Hansen
Deborah A. Silbowitz Asante Infusion Services Lee H. Shapley
Debra L. Henslee Asante nurses, physicians and staff Marcelin Charles
Jennifer L. Williams Asante Rogue Regional ED staff Mark A. Eaton
Jonathan H. Lee Asante Three Rivers Medical Center nurses Megan M. Frost
Jordan V. Saturen ATRMC Emergency Department Melanie M. Dines
Megan K. Arriola ATRMC Medical Surgery A & B Medicine and Cardiology Michele L. Strickland
Michael P. Reynolds ATRMC Outpatient Rehab Mujahid A. Rizvi
Rochelle D. Chambers ATRMC Respiratory Therapy and Cardiovascular Nathan D. Funk
Shannon C. Lewis ATRMC Wound Ostomy Rae S. Bowers
Sharon L. Woodward Bradley M. DeKorte Rebecca W. Hutchison
Sheila M. Santrizos Brittany N. Coulter Richard K. Karchmer
Tracie L. Lampella Bruce E. Perry Richard S. Nelson
Zachary T. Lampella Charles R. Dibb Robert G. Hoellrich
Adrian G. Sue Colleen M. Lennard Roy E. Harris
Aleksandra S. Sander Courtney L. Wilson Sara I. Schulz
Alexander S. Miller Daniel A. King Sarahanne C. Driggs
Alison D. Savage Daniel C. Wieking Sheri L. Croy
All ARRMC medical workers Eli R. Sager Shravani R. Nalla
All Asante caregivers at ARRMC Ellen S. Plummer Stephanie M. Urban
All Asante health care workers Emily M. Steele Stephen A. Bergman
All caregivers at ATRMC Erin B. Brender Susan E. Patterson
All nurses caring for cancer patients Gordon L. Metz Susan M. Aaronson
Alyssa S. Hallinan Helen K. Spears Cancer Center Suzin M. Hagar
Andrew S. Pitzak Helen K. Spears Cancer Center radiation therapists Theodore J. Robnett
Angela K. Dailing James M. Grebosky Thomas D. Margulies
APP–Family Medicine, Black Oak James R. Giesen Todd S. Kotler
ARRMC Cardiopulmonary Services Department Jennifer A. Ryen William C. Husum
ARRMC ICU, IMCU, Critical Care Unit Jenniffer M. Ligons William E. Faught
ARRMC Perioperative Services Jill T. Steinsiek Zia A. Choudhury
ARRMC Radiation Oncology and Cancer Registry
  • More than 400 businesses and donors provided 250,000 pieces of PPE to assist Asante early in the pandemic when there was a serious shortage.
  • More than 700 donors gave over $420,000 to provide Asante employees financial assistance and support throughout the pandemic and after the wildfires.
  • Local restaurants made and delivered thousands of snacks and meals to every Asante hospital.
  • Hundreds handwritten notes of hope and gratitude for health care workers.

Please know that the community appreciates you and all you do. Thank you!

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