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New system lightens the weight of paper

Asante takes a major leap forward in digital document management.

OnBaseDo you remember when everything health care systems did was recorded on paper? It created so much paperwork that entire rooms were filled floor-to-ceiling file folders — physical space that companies paid rent for.

We’ve come a long way since then, and now we’re going even further. Next week, Asante launches OnBase, a next-generation document management system that replaces existing digital and paper systems. OnBase receives, tracks, manages and stores documents to reduce paper workflows, including those documents patients are required to complete and sign when registering for an appointment. Because the system is integrated with Epic’s scanning and faxing functions, it also can capture and index documents within medical records.

“This transforms processes,” said Mark Stockwell, director of data and health information governance. “Not only is the system faster and more accurate, it accommodates large volumes in different formats.”

Documents that originate within and outside the organization are easily captured, stored and indexed for retrieval. These include everything from paper physician orders to discharge instructions, ED notes, insurance cards and more. The new platform can be scaled for expansion into other functional areas to reduce paper-based processes across the organization.

The system goes live on Aug. 5 and will be included in Epic’s quarterly update. Training is available in ALEC for employees who need it, and users can request support through the Asante Service Desk.

This project has been months in the making, with representatives from ITS Enterprise Services, Epic teams, Integration, Health Information Management, registration, billing and referrals. End users were brought into the project early to weigh in on its function, design, testing and training. Employees representing other functional areas in our hospitals and clinics, as well as our community partners who use Asante’s version of Epic, will be introduced to the new platform.

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