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New providers join Asante

From emergency medicine to orthopedics, see who’s come on board.
New providers

Asante has been on a hiring spree, bringing on board new providers for hospital and ambulatory care to increase access to care for our patients and community. See who’s joined us recently.


Oana (Denisa) Majorant, MD, infectious disease, Medford and Grants Pass

Melanie Lin, MD, hierarchal condition category

Cardiothoracic surgery

Danielle Jacks, MD, ARRMC

Emergency medicine

Lindsey Fox, NP, AACH

Lauren Gruber, NP, AACH

Matthew Hall, MD, ATRMC

Gayle Kouklis, MD, ARRMC

Isabel Makman, MD, ARRMC, ATRMC

David Sanders, DO, ATRMC

Shayna Sleight, MD, ATRMC

Mark Stevens, NP (includes immediate care), ATRMC

Mackenzie Tully, FNP, ARRMC

Alexander Wilson, MD, ARRMC

Erin Ziccardi, NP (includes immediate care), ATRMC


Raya Al Ghalayini, MD (pediatric hospitalist and outpatient palliative care), ARRMC

Tatyana Pankratova, MD, ATRMC

Shahzana Shahzad, MD, AACH, ATRMC


Patrick Dawson, MD, Grants Pass

Tamara Simpson, MD, Grants Pass

Ryan Wehmann, PA-C, Grants Pass

Daniel Wieking, MD, Grants Pass

Pulmonary and sleep medicine

Bradley DeKorte, DO, sleep, ARRMC, ATRMC

Hamza Salam, MD, critical care/sleep, ARRMC, ATRMC

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