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New phones bring new extension numbers

The recent phase of the upgrade is complete in Ashland and Talent with other facilities to follow.

The recent phase of the Asante Cisco phone system conversion was just completed. Asante Ashland Community Hospital, Ashland APP and Talent APP offices are now part of the Asante-wide five-digit dialing plan. This means that if you are trying to reach these numbers, you’ll use the party’s four-digit extension preceded by a 7. Likewise, if you’re receiving a call from Ashland or Talent, it will show a 7-xxxx number.

The upgrade unifies Asante’s telecommunications from five different phone systems, some dating back 30 years, to just one. The new phones are produced by Cisco, and they offer greater functionality with simpler operating features.

Please use the five-digit code when dialing within Asante to avoid incurring the long-distance charges that come when dialing a full 12-digit phone number (1-9-541-xxx-xxxx). The next update will take place in the corporate offices early next year. Once fully implemented, other Asante facilities will have the following extension prefixes:

  • 1 = ARRMC main hospital departments
  • 2 = ARRMC tower departments
  • 3 = AOC in Grants Pass
  • 4 = Zebra phone
  • 5 = ATRMC and Grants Pass APP clinics
  • 7 = AACH and Ashland, Talent APP clinics

The new phones, which have been in place at Asante Contact Center since 2017, make it easier to record out-of-office messages, forward calls and set up conference calls.

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